Sobirania i justícia, associació independentista

In accordance with Article 2 of our statutes, the objective of the association is to promote the independence of Catalonia by creating awareness among Catalan society of the need and feasibility of achieving this through peaceful, democratic means. To achieve this the association organises a wide variety of events, ranging from large public conferences to small scale lunches with distinguished speakers, who address our areas of interest . We also hope to influence public opinion by publishing a monthly digital newsletter and periodically distributing press releases to the main mass media.

We defend the right to self-determination in the process towards independence and we work so that a majority of Catalan people, regardless of their party political ideologies, can offer clear, decisive support to a free, fair Catalonia, integrated into the European Union, from its identity that cannot be waived.

Sobirania i Justícia, Associació independentista. Providència, 42 - 08024 Barcelona

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